Merry Christmas!!!

I'm so sorry I didn't not do a Christmas post but I just was not home at all from since Christmas Eve. However I'm home noooow annnd I just have to say.... My holiday was absolutely awesome I enjoyed it so much that i was sad when it was over I mean literally teary eyed sad. I mean it was simply amazing. My one and only gift this year was a jewelry set. It is absolutely cute I love it. I am sure I gained some pounds even now i'm missing that cake. My hair however took a beating since i forgot my comb lol lucky its weave i had a flat iron n my bf had one of my small combs so it didn't work out too bad did not have a brush tho. Even worse I kinda pulled a track loose lol don't even wonder how because you would never guess the random chain of events that lead to that. Went to the hairdresser today to get my cute factor fixed X.X. So how was everyone's holiday? I would really love to hear about it.


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