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I know I have been MIA but i have been tracking the progress of my hair and all reactions of it to the sew in. So the first three days it remained tight and slightly uncomfortable and then but he fourth day it was no tight at all but that was when the itching started and I was instantly remind if that line in Beyonce's song "pat your weave ladies pat, pat pat your weave ladies" except I don't think i would want to do that while any guy is checking up on it. I felt like a dog with fleas. I was moisturizing of course and using the Virgin Hair Fertilizer around my edges that when i realized the virgin hair fertilizer keeps mt edges feeling great no itching or anything so you know what happened next i would moisturize with my IC leave in and seal with castor oil and any areas with itching problems I use my Virgin Hair Fertilizer especially before bed. This ointment or cream whatever you want to call it is absolutely great. I also take my supplements to assist in hair growth I am taking GNC Hair Skin and Nails Just trying to get as much as I can from my sew in. So far so good in my opinion. Until next time much love. TTFN


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