Battle of the New Growth.

This Saturday coming will give me five wonderful weeks post relaxer. What do I have to show for it. Evil New growth threatening to ruin my life. I was frustrated and tempted to freak out. That is when I remembered I have a bottle of S- Curl. That's right people I am revisiting S-Curl.

The roots I have are not that much to me does not look like a half an inch yet never the less quite bothersome are they. So Tonight not even five minutes ago. I rummaged through my little trunk and laid hands on my precious bottle of S-curl.

I then proceeded to moisturize the dryness out of my new growth. Yes it worked. I can comb them now. I was afraid to before because I knew they would snap right off. I however got through detangling successfully with only a few hairs shed to show for it. I must say S-curl did it again I will continue to use this every other day. I feel like this is now a staple in my hair regimen. This comes into play as soon as I am four weeks post from now on. Definitely worth a long term relationship.

In other news If anyone has any idea where I might have put my SD Card please tell me I really am freaking out. How can i loose it in a tidy room I don't get it. I keep looking at the laundry basket Its is the exact same color as the sheet I just washed. I'm wondering if it is wrapped up in there. The thing with that is i fold my dirty sheet neatly before putting it into the basket so i want to believe it would have fallen out. I checked under the bed three times even though there is nothing under there other than my PS2. Which i'm thinking I should sell at some point. I'm a bit old for that... oh wow i'm old.... The search continues My sister will not lend me hers again so that is totally out of the question. Thinking of buying a new one with more space on it after all it was only 1GB. LOL I just wrote an entirely too long paragraph about my missing SD Card


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