Bantu Knots or Essay Number Two?

So I have been staying away from my blog for a bit trying to finish three essays that must contain 350 words. I am on the second one and taking a break My first essay was a bit hard and required a lot of research. For this one however I am required to use process analysis and narration techniques to explain how to complete one of my favorite activities. For that essay I picked my wash day. Most easy topic I could have ever picked because for me wash day is not just washing my hair its the beginning of taking care of my hair for the rest of the week to follow. I also go t to thinking about the cricket match i'm going to see later. I began to wonder what I could possible do with my hair. I am wondering about Bantu Knots but considering i'm so lazy I just don't know. I do not want to do a bun again my bf Is probably gonna start giving me the eye I have been wearing buns for like five days. lol. Plus buns make me look serious and professional (to me anyway) and I wanna look fun so I think i'm going to hop over to youtube and see what I can pick up to give me some style ideas. In times like these I wish my clip in hair extensions had already arrived. I would just have to clip them in and go. Spend the day looking like a barbie doll. I cant wait to get them I will definitely wear them as soon as i'm done tampering with them. I hope they will not look weird now that my hair has thinned considerably. Have a great week end guys Lets hope I do too.


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