Acne Update.

Hola My lovelies. Here is my acne update. After drinking scores of water and moisturizing and taking my supplements I have result. I am home sick today and since I seem to have writers block on my third essay I juice up my camera and decided to do what was long overdue. Before I post these pics I just think It is ridiculous that i'm drinking so much water and managed to contract a U.T.I from drinking seven glasses of Iced Tea. I admit I overdid it considering my bladder is very sensitive but come on. Let me not rant. Ehem! This is what my face is looking like. Don't worry I was just puffing up my cheeks for better viewing. I don't know if it is visible but there is a pimple on my nose it just popped up this morning out of nowhere. Ehe part of life...unfortunately. Well since my pimple is already here I might as well have that left over pizza for lunch. Later today I will be posting changes that I will be making to my hair regimen and also my short term goals. I have not got many but I think it is important that I make them a priority.


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