Wash Day!!

You know I was craving clean hair I have not waited two weeks to wash my hair in so long that I was basically wanting it like crazy. I had a lot of build up and I swear I would have a chemical reaction very soon. Well today was a little different than most wash days, I included my mother ans sister. They both have the problem of excessive shedding. So i told them it was time for protein. I got up pretty early and took the short journey to my mothers house. I had them both shampooed and put on a ten minute reconstructor. I then put on a deep condition and let it sit for an hour when it was all over they both had virtually no hair in the comb. My mom was liking the way her hair was silky and soft. After that my hair time began. Time to discuss my first goal for this month it seem that finding sulfate free shampoo on the little island of Antigua. I have only found Creme of Nature so far I am contemplating it but im afraid the same thing that happened with the wrap set mousse will happen again. Well there is no way of knowing I think I will try it out but this week I was a bit chicken. SO....
  • Pree Pooed the night before with coconut oil
  • I shampooed with Nexxus Pro Mend
  • Deep conditioned with  Organic Roots Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner. I ended up deep conditioning for half and hour too long the shower was in use at the time.
  • I stated before I do not like the citrus smell of my deep conditioner so I put a little of my nexxus Humectress ultimate moisturizing conditioner. Why? Because it smells like bubble gum!
  • Roller Set
  • Sat under my dryer for ever (45 mins)
  • Oiled and massaged my scalp with castor oil
  • Played around with my curls
  • Finally moisturized and sealed 
  • Now they are all wrapped up.

Until next time HHJ I am hoping to rock Bantu knots on Monday simply because I promised myself i would try them out on hair will less growth and now that my new growth is coming in I feel like it is time. Does anyone know of any good brands of sulfate free shampoo? Let me know.


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  1. The Shea Moisture one is supposed to be good but have't seen it here yet. I'm planning to try it.

    1. Cool. I think i may have to order one or something. I'm gonna try the creme of nature though. Its just 20sum dollars at ayoushe. I will check super power first.

  2. Nice post wanna follow each other?

    1. I am sorry but your blog is not in English. I have no idea what it is about nor can I read it.


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