Which One?

So I am finally here with comparison pics!

These first pictures is me wearing Iman. I feel like it does not blend well on my skin also does not cover my spots very well. It also looked a little white on my face.
These pictures are of me wearing Sacha. Everyone says they cannot tell i'm wearing makeup. I'm not sure I feel like I know well thats probably because I put it on. It does blend very well though and my spots are not very visible. I tried not to be too heavy handed because I had never used it and was not sure what to expect. I think I kind of have the feel of it now.

Okay lets talk oil. My face did not get as oily but I do realize that I will need to purchase and oil control primer or something to help keep the oil production down a bit. So what do you think? Iman or Sacha?


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  1. They both look great but the Sacha is a little more natural looking.

    1. I think so too. I feel like it matches mt skin tone a lot better


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