The little things....

Like, why I love Hair and Make up. I love Hair and Make up simple because the benefits of them both turn 

 the greasy oil sheet wrinkled mess that is my Morning Face and the weird hair that is my Morning hair and turn them into the most perfect look for work. No one would have guessed I woke up looking like the picture above. Oh and also my eyes are closed because they are super red I did not want to go to work.

My curls came out just perfect. Today is the first day in two weeks my hair has seen anything other than my wrap cap and a bun. First time also that any of my coworkers are seeing my hair since I relaxed.
 I am absolutely stalking a particular makeup kit on and I know this is weird but I kinda feel like that time I had a first crush it was my neighbor and it was weird because Like we didn't talk for the whole time we lived next to each other till last year i think(not very memorable) and i'm practically 25. Lucky I was not crushing on him anymore because I did not miss anything. Oh wow i'm rambling. Anyway that makeup kit by Shany is what I want forever. I'm saving for it. This is definitely on my must have list. That gives me and idea I think I will try to incorporate my most wanted list into my blog. Why? Well in case someone knows where I can get these things cheaper. I mean why would I not want that?


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