Got my New Makeup.

Yes I got my Sacha foundation and face powder I will not be able to post any pictures today I have lost my memory card somewhere in my room and considering it is not messy I am beginning to fear I may have accidentally tossed it. Yes I am that crazy. I had three different shades on my face trying to find my shade took a bit but I got it. I want to wear it for the first time tomorrow. I just hope I can put on makeup the way my Sacha supplier can she is a pro. Like the real deal guys. I'm scared I will make a mess the foundation and powder are completely different textures than what i'm used to. Yes I do get way more coverage and I do not have to blend as much as I had too with my Iman foundation and powder. This is a very short post. I know its weird i'm not really posting about hair but the fact is um I will explain it in a bit. Talk to you guys later.

Happy Sunday


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