Random thoughts and Frustrations.

No I have not blogged for a long time. I did not wash my hair last week. I did however start the whole inversion thing and let me tell you it is ten times more depressing than what has been really depressing me. College is depressing me! (yes i am about to rant) They went ahead and upgraded the damn site and here I am trying.....no i have tried five million times to pay my monthly fees and what am i getting CARD REJECTED!!!!!!!!! I'm not in to mood for this craziness! I need to pay this thing.... then again maybe its a sign from god. I can use the money to buy my plane ticket. I am thinking of taking a trip buying Foreign currency is not hard its the ticket that is freaking me out. Today actually makes me own two months. I have sent in ticket after ticket I think I'm going to send ten more. For now maybe I will go ahead and just go to the travel agency and buy my ticket three months early.

I have done my venting and I have come to a reasonable resolution. Now that is over Lets get down to business. I am contemplating my first Co-wash, because the oil used in the inversion process is major craziness. I hate the co-wash idea mostly because it is just two days away from my wash day. I know I have not been posting much but that's just because I had a lot of things that needed attending to in my life. So now you all know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am also compiling a very long post as I get over a milestone I add it to the draft I have been working on to keep track of my progress. I am exhausted so I will be back tomorrow with an update on acne.

Have a great day everyone!
(or whats left of it...depending on the time zone)


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