New Developments.

Not so new.. maybe just a little. I have always been known for an overly dramatic effect on everything. For every one who has not tried Sacha cosmetics I have not either. I had come to my attention like since I first started using Iman that my face would end up looking super oily when they day was over. Yes I did used the blotting powder. After much thought I decided to change my makeup, just over haul it.

Reasons being:

  • Iman made my face some how produce a lot of oil
  • I was not getting enough coverage
  • Since being on my acne journey I have found that I get new pimples every time I use it. Yes I cleans when I remove my makeup. No matter how much I do that though a group of pimple would pop up anyway.
  • When the face powder is about to finish it gets a crusted hard area that cannot be used. This hard area spreads over time. Effectively wasting my money.

The dark brown area is the hard part of the powder that I cannot used and it was much smaller  before getting to that size. Please note that not because Iman did not work for me that it will not work for anyone else. 
I tried a few of Sacha's Eye shadows as well as eye shadow base I have the white but i m thinking of getting the brown the white washes out the light colors on my eye shadow palette. 
So the lady is supposed to come to my house tomorrow to match me up and get my shade figured out and as of Monday I will be a Sacha girl and no longer an Iman girl I will post pictures One with me in Iman and one with me in Sacha just to show the difference. I have a Video that I was given to help me make a decision before purchasing. I will ask her tomorrow if I can used it on my blog so you guys can see why I changed my mind. I will see you guys tomorrow or Monday with my comparison post. I will definitely report on whether or not what Sacha boasts about it what they really have to offer. I am hoping that the About Section on the  Sacha website was accurate.


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