Hello everyone I have been MIA for a bit but to be honest it was not completely my fault. I have been battling breakage. Not a lot of breakage a few short strands here and there. What have I been doing about it? 

Well before tackling my hair with everything i know about breakage in the book, I decided to observe my hair see if I can pick up what could possibly be the cause of my problem. I touched it ever so gently and tried to forego manipulation as much as possible. What I noticed happening was as soon as i tried to comb (not from the roots of course, I comb from the ends first) I would hear at least one loud snap. I thought to myself time for a strand test. Sure enough without applying much pressure the strand snapped more quickly that a twig.

I jumped on the internet right away looking for a well compiled list of moisture based Deep Conditioners I found this blog and well this post in particular was very helpful I then made a list of which of the moisture based deep conditioners I thought I may be able to find at one of the beauty supply stores here. That list was not very long. In fact I had the wonderful option of Organics deep conditioner or Queen Helene Cholesterol. I did see the one from organics but the line was so long in that store I would probably be back five hours late from my lunch break. I settle for Queen Helene which contains mineral oil by the way.

The next day which was my wash day I shampooed as usual and then blotted my hair put some in a little bowl and proceeded to apply the conditioner withe my applicator brush used for relaxers. Deep conditioned until I lost track of time I mean I think it was an hour and a half but I cannot be quite sure. Then rinsed with warm water as the cholesterol is hard to rinse with just plain cold water. My hair has drastically improved. What I take from this whole experience is that my hair was slowly overloading with protein from deep conditioning with Organic Roots Stimulator Replenishing conditioner. I did another strand test and my hair strand now stretches and then reduces to its original length. I will now mix it up with my conditioners so i do not overload on protein or moisture.

I did see five short strands today I will now reevaluate the products I have recently added which granted is just one but I will stop using it for a bit and see what happens if anything happens at all.

Until Next Time


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  1. Great way to tackle the problem chica

  2. Thanks hun but i'm beginning to think there is more to it than just a normal imbalance lol.

  3. We're on two sides of the coin here. I'm suffering from a moisture imbalance. I too have to do an evaluation of my regimen.

  4. I think I will start to co- wash for a while. I guess this is just another way for us to get to know our hair.


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