Dare to be glamorous?

I have had a pair of false lashes for some time and finally the did there time and are now in the trash. I went out yesterday looking for replacements. I decided I wanted to go for a bolder look I got two pairs of thick long sexy lashes. Perfect right? Wrong. Oh so very wrong. Now I am freaking out. I do not know how to wear them. I tried them clipped and adjusted them to fit my eye shape and length but I think they have succeeded in making me wonder if I am going to look like a drag queen.....No offence to drag queens. I got the I Envy Lashes KPE15 and 16 by Kiss
What I immediately noticed about these lashes is the difference in the band. The last set of lashes I had the band was extremely weak and they were done for in a matter of two weeks but the bands on these are looking sturdy and resilient. 
Yes these are outrageous lashes but hey I'm trying to find myself. The last set of lashes I had were so natural looking not even the love of my life noticed. These look pretty good and not over dramatic on me but to be honest I was not wearing makeup when trying them. The full length and outrageous factor only shows from the side and if my eyes are closed I do not know if that is bad or good. I guess I will take pics tomorrow after full application. This will also be a good opportunity to give an idea of how crazy I get with my makeup on casual Fridays. I really want to do an Ice Gold and Green theme tomorrow but I guess it depends on my mood when I wake up. I've got my hair all braided up as I am hoping to rock a braid out as well. Its weird how I never let my hair down not even at home. SO I will give myself and my hair a day to relax. To be honest my hair seems to get in the way a lot not that I hate it Just don't want to hurt my crown of glory Waist Length is not gonna happen with my hair snagging everywhere. Next week Tuesday I will be Eight weeks post not loving the new growth but learning to.

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