March Goals Recap!

*Using Castor Oil every other day*

Doing this is extremely beneficial. Castor oil has help my scalp stay clean much longer and keeps odor out of my hair . Since doing this I have tried to go two weeks without washing my hair yes my scalp stays clean but my hair itself get very weighed down.. My scalp is always clear and lightly oiled but I think I will stick to my weekly wash day. Only disadvantage My castor oil is officially finished. Don't worry I replaced the bottle.

*Protein treatment at the end of the month*

Lucky I put this on the list because my hair needed it. Out of no where I started to have a little breakage did my protein treatment and my hair is good as new. Well maybe I should not say new.... whatever. I did my treatment with Nexxus Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor.

*Disprove or Approve Inversions*

Inversions? Hmmm. You be the judge. Here is a picture of my growth before I started doing the inversions and the picture after I finished. I did it for the recommended seven days i'm pretty sure it was the cause of my breakage or i'm just being paranoid. I hated every night I had to do it. I cannot believe people do this thing thinking they are getting an inch of growth. I will stick to what i know best thank you. I love not having brain damage. In my opinion I did not receive and inch of growth. These quick growth schemes. -.- Waste of time.

*Stop the use of Shampoo containing sulfate*

Using Sulfate free shampoo is not what I expected. Everywhere i read that it did not lather and made one feel as thought she were not washing her hair. Lies all lies. First of I bought Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy cleansing Sulfate Free Shampoo for Relaxed and Natural Hair. My first wash was normal like any other not very sudsy. That is normal because of the oils as well as moisturizing products that are on my hair. My second wash surprised me it was just like shampoo with sulfate only difference the soap did not have a drying feeling. My hair came out great after the shampoo almost did not feel like I needed to deep condition. Definitely going to stick with this shampoo for a while.

*Try Out Jojoba Oil*

My Jojoba Oil it seems is lost in the mail lol. So sorry but this particular item will have to be carried over to another time. Cant believe it. Any way I am planning to mix jojoba with castor oil and apply to mix to my scalp.

Well now I have tried out doing Monthly goals and I must say It was okay but that is all I was doing trying it out so there will be no April edition.



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