Wash Day.

So today I was extremely happy that it was finally time to wash my hair. Like Seriously I was very haooy about it. I do not know why.

I Started out by prepooing with coconut oil before that i spent half and hour debating doing hot oil or just plastic cap it. I decided on using a plastic cap.

I then washed my hair with Me Lovely Design Essentials Sulfate free shampoo which I must add I ma falling deeper and deeper in-love with.

Intermission after I wash I happened to look in the mirror and I was like wow this is my hair and I got super excited and I just cannot wait for June to come for my next relaxer.

I grabbed my ORS Replenishing conditioner and Deep conditioned for an hour. I am seriously contemplating  switching Deep conditioners I cannot stand that citrus smell. Besides that this deep conditioner is amazing on my hair which is why I am thinking of buying the Professional size this small one is not cutting it. Since I love the after feel of my hair I think I will just continue to condition twice. the smell of that Nexxus Pro mend is amazing. Applied my leave in conditioner.

Roller Set all the way air drying is awesome for my ends, for new growth not so much. I am going to be doing a ton of rollers sets. My new growth is much more manageable if i do it, Why? because it help reduce the srinkage My curls looked amazing but I went out after they dried so No pics. Too bad I promise next week I will be posting pics I found an old memory card been using it but it gets full so quickly. I am going to buy a new one as well so this little one will have to do until.


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