I've tried Clip Ins..

As the subject of this blog post states I tried the clip ins as I stated in my oh so poorly recorded video they are thin but in realty my hair is pretty thin as well so I was not surprised that they did not look awful. My Make up was not finished so don't be like "what is going on with this girls face?" and excuse my personal items in the back ground. Morning time is rush time y'all.

On another not I hit eight weeks post on the 23rd. I know my growth looks crazy. I need a soft brush I thought my brush was soft but since recently using my brush that i don't keep here I said to my sell "Tiffany you can do better." These pics also serve as growth shots on how much ng I have at eight weeks.one of these days I will do a texture shot of the back of my hair. Why? because I was born with my moms texture at the front and my dads at the back so the front looks really rough and the back is really curly. Some day when I have some helps I guess. Until then 



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