What will happen if.....

I decide to wear my hair in a side braid all week and leave it alone? I love this style it is really cute on me I think. I am just wondering if it is okay to just let my hair be, moisturize as much as I can and not touch it till wash day.... Here is my absolute favorite protective style ever. I'm not sure If I have ever posted pics of me wearing this before. Considering the small fact that I love this some much I'm willing to have its babies, I think I may have. (Forgive My weirdness)

Sooooo What do you think? Isn't it Just perfect? I am super tired though and just about ready to go shower. I need sleep my eyes have been glued to the computer screen all day. Not sure at what point I will reach blindness so trying not to get there. Oh Oh also i'm sure my New Growth is very visible  It is coming in nicely I want to relax in June but I am observing my hair if I think it necessary I will relax in May instead.


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