Day of Firsts.

So Yesterday I did my first Hot oil treatment and co-wash. Hot oil treatment was done with coconut oil, olive oil and a little castor oil. I warmed it in the microwave for 20 seconds then applied to my hair I had used a bit too much oil it is amazing how a little bit of oil goes a long way. never the less. I did not want to waste it. So i put all the oil on I looked like a punk rocker afterwards.
I let that sit for a about an hour i think I was kinda in a rush... I then did my very first co-wash with VO5 Moisture Milks. That conditioner is amazing I don't know how I did not know this before. I then Air dried after. My first air dry was much better For this one I dried puffy and frizzy because I left home right after. All i did was add leave in and a little of my daily moisturizer. I then did my M&S when I got home and went to bed. Hot oil treatment was great thought my hair is not as dry as desert sand and I am thankful for that. Until Next time.



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