Wash Day/ Breakage Free.

So of course your girl loves washing her almost long tresses....
Anyway so guys I have stopped the breakage let me break down what happened ... wait um okay I just realized this is a wash day post lol. I will get to the washing. So after analyzing the full data I received from studying my hair It occurred to me that it could be my sulfate free movement.

* My hair felt dry and brittle at first I concluded I probably need moisture or had a protein overload.

* I did a moisture treatment My hair was fine at first then I noticed it stretching more than it should so I then concluded I was definitely experiencing a moisture overload which made me question my first theory of a Protein overload.

*So I then decided to analyze my regimen which has been working for me up to this point and it came to me the shampoo I changed it. So I took care to be a gentle with my hair as possible all week and really study it from all angles to ensure I would not be wrong this time.

Yesterday the big day to wash my hair. I washed with my regular Nexxus Moisturizing shampoo I then deep conditioned for 3-4 hours unintentionally guys I was washing coking and running around the house playing. Not sure if those are good excuses. I eventually rinsed my hair and that is when i realized my De-tangling comb was still at home and so was my leave in and my wrap set mousse.

Lucky I had a rat tail comb i used that i was depressed because I thought I would pull all my hair out.... Five strands came out just five and no broken strands. I did a roller set any way with no product and my hair is so soft and moisturized right now its as if I added all my oil and stuff to it.

The moral of this story. Tiffany should not fix what is not broken. My regimen works and I think it's time I let it do its job. I want to try co-washing because my ng needs to be kept under control but I am still scared after near breakage set back. I was literally doing a length check everyday to see how much hair I was loosing.

Contemplating the addition for now


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