Am I scared? Hmmm.. YES! Here is my Regimen.

Alright so here I am after my relaxer and no one has seen my hair my boyfriend saw me when I had just finished my hair. I have been bunning every single day.Since my hair feels a bit thin I really do not want to risk breakage or ill treat my ends at all.Please excuse the mess that is my bun this pic was taken at the end of the day. This post also serves as a final and overdue post on my regimen after a friend of mine asked me about it on hairlista i decided it was only fair considering it should be the most important part of my journey. Here we go.

 Lets start at wash day. I have changed up my wash day. Where I used to use Nexxus pro-mend shampoo and condition I will now replace that with Mane n tail. Why? I was only using the pro-mend line to keep my split ends from traveling upwards. So I would be able to clip them off at the point where they were at that point in time and not more than I really wanted to. Also the Nexxus Pro-mend shampoo contains sulfate and I would like to illuminate that from my wash day. Okay so I prepoo not every time but when I do I do this the day before with coconut oil. I then wash and deep condition with ORS Replenishing conditioner I deep condition for about an hour without heat. After deep conditioning I roller set I was using Creme of nature and switched to Aphogee because creme of nature made my neck break out when the curls would touch my neck. I think i will go back to the ORS wrap set mousse it worked the best for me. Oh and my leave in conditioner is actually in the mail i'm using neutrogena triple moisture at the moment. I either leave the rollers in till the next day or take them down moisturize seal and wrap my hair up. Sounds long and drawn out? If not trust me it is. So I then make sure to add some moisturizer to my hair before leaving home in the morning to help protect from the heat of the sun or moisture from the rain either way it helps a lot. I moisturized and seal every other day I do not like nor do I co-wash at all. I wash and DC once a week (i wash two weeks after freshly relaxing my hair) protein treatment once a month. So there it is my regimen is extremely simple. When I get paid I will be going out and getting some shampoo and my wrap set mousse. Will post on how I find sulfate free shampoo to be working out. Lets hope I do not get product happy and buy a million things. I really can't do that on a college budget anyway.


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  1. I miss doing buns!!!! Short hair sucks sometimes!!! I keep telling myself that I'll start treating my hair better, but I haven't kept that promise. It feels great to be back in the blogging groove!!!
    Much Love
    Chari T (Deep Fried Stilettos)xoxo


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