My Overall Experience With A Sew In/ Weave

Firstly let me say having a weave makes you life a bit easier when it comes to getting up in the morning and styling. I did a bunch of stuff well I did every style possible with it. After the first few weeks however I was made to know not by anyone else but by the weave that I need to moisturize it. I had spent the Christmas vacation away from home and had no moisturizing products, all I brought along was a flat iron... Needless to say at Christmas dinner I had to have my comb handy because it would get tangled with ease. No matter how many alternatives I tried in getting it to stay under control while I slept I scared my boyfriend every morning. So it became a routine Make the bed detangle hair make breakfast. I finally got back home and almost kissed all the products, I missed them so much. I sheened it, flat ironed and wrapped it and it was silky. However I became wary of wearing down and completely stopped as it would continuously get tangled no matter how much moisture, sheen or flat ironing I did. There were days I looked in the mirror and sighed then proceeded to put a scrunchie in and wrap up all the ends. There were also days I felt on top of the world and loved it for being there to compliment my assets so to speak. The common saying "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." Comes to mind. Washing to me was never extremely bothersome. Thinking I got all the dye out of the weave the first time was a mistake I think. Now that I have removed it all the tracks are at the foot of my bed i have not touched them I feel like i'm punishing them but I know i'm not. They are after all inanimate and I am the one who must clean my room. Never the less I will continue to be a hater. Deuces!!


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