My Little Life Saver

So after much worried, trials and crosses this morning I decided it was time for an emergency run for the only and only S-Curl.
I was skeptical at first. I read reviews all day secretly at work. I bought it... then I read so more reviews. Am I paranoid? Maybe a little. So I came home in a hurry. Before I could even cook dinner I was in the mirror painfully separating and sectioning my hair and spraying the solution unto my roots. As displayed in my previous post...
this is what my roots looked like before I had brushed them quite a lot to get them that flat and let me add here to everyone asking me if I am transitioning ....No I am not O.O Well anyway It looked awesome to me then and I thought I had accomplished a lot but I was still wondering how the relaxer would go with my hair feeling as hard as it did. Fast forward to how I look right this moment...
Isn't it lovely? My roots are so soft I even could measure how much growth i have (Approximately two Inches) Just hoping by some miracle they stay soft today is the last day I'm putting comb or brush to my hair. I'm rocking this style for the rest of the week. Wish me luck.


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