My Sew in is OUT!

Hello! Yes I have not been posting, but what can you really post about a weave? Ehem. I have come the conclusion that I do not like weaves or braids and I have decided to go through the rest of my hair journey without them. They stress my hair quite a lot. Yes I do have a lot of new growth, but at what cost? You will find out before the end of the post. After missing my hair so badly I almost wished I had not missed it quite as much. My hair was knotted to the max. Not when I took the weave out no but much later when I washed them. Thing is I should have been more gentle I was kinda rushing the wash process and they all got knotted and tangled. So I detangle it was a long drawn out process. and left my hair looking like this....
The detangle process also left me with a ginormous hair ball
After all those crosses I finally moisturized and sealed my hair and braided it i'm not sure what is going to happen tomorrow when I have to go to work or what protective style is better than this braid I have done. I honestly feel really ugly and I'm hoping to pretend i have natural hair and get away with it I will share pics tomorrow of course showing what I decided to do... or I may feel depressed and call in sick.
My overall sew In experience I will discuss in my next post. Oh I neglected to mention despite the tons of shedding, I did retain my length and I'm hoping to be a little longer after the relaxer. I was extremely worried that my hair would have all broken off as soon as the tracks were removed but I was of course being paranoid. I stretched out this relaxer for three months and by the time I relax two weeks will be added to that. I will be doing an updated pic of my length but only to See my progress after the sew in.


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  1. I hope you didn't let this experience get you too down! And it looks like your skin has cleared up a bit!! Remember that hair just adds to the beauty and strength that you already possess. I honestly love weaves and braids!!!! I guess it's the freedom and versatility that I love!! my own hair is such a pain!! have a great day. Ps I'm taking out my sewn in today =D yay!
    Much love
    Chari T

  2. Thanks I know they make your life a little easier nut mine was a pain maybe because i'm not accustomed. Yes my face is clearing up so entirely slow but i'm happy that is is looking better. What are you going to do with your hair after taking out the sew in?

  3. It's good that your skin is getting better! I relaxed my hair then I cut the back and trimmed the front... I HATE when the back gets any longer than 2 inches!! At the end of the month I'll put in some jumbo senegalese braids! that's my hair plan!
    Much Love!


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