Wash Day

So I washed my hair today. Did a protein treatment and deep conditioned. I did not relax my hair this week because I was advised it was best to wait two weeks. Lucky thing I signed up with hairlista if not for the community on that site I would have already done a lot of crazy things to my hair. While my hair was wet I tried to assess the length of course not the full length as I have too much growth to do that. Me relaxed ends are approximately four inches away from bra strap length. I am hoping to achieve Bra Strap Length by June which is my next relaxer after the one i am about to do. My ultimate goal is waist length It seems crazy I know but I believe it to be attainable and I also refuse to give up on that. This is how my wash day went. Shampoo: Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo Conditioner: Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer Protein Treatment: Nexxus Emergency Polydemic Reconstructor Deep conditioner: Organic Roots Simulator Replenishing Conditioner Leavin In Conditioner: IC Leave in conditioner Finally Roller Set With Aphogee Wrap Set Mousse Yes this is a lot of protein I know But no worries My hair was so limp and lifeless it was damp all week I knew I needed major protein. I believe because all I have been doing is moisturizing my hair while wearing the sew in my hair just got too much moisture so I needed to correct that. Now i'm waiting for my hair to dry so I cant maybe do some Bantu Knots (or what we call "Pussy Bubby" in Antigua) to help lock in moisture when i M&S later.


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