Bantu Knot Out...

Halo. I come with results of my Bantu Knot Out. i was pretty great until the A.C at work kind of dried out some of the moisture. No problem either way. Tonight I braid my hair and will be rocking a braid out tomorrow and the rest of the week. So here are my Bantu Knot out pics. I took Quite few I need to wake up more early now that i'm back into the blogging grove. With no further ado tadaaaa.... Yes My roots are dreadful but On the bright side I only have a few more days left with them and i cant wait to look human again. Well a rasta is a human too so better statement I cannot wait to look more presentable and like a girl with cute relaxed hair. I think I will go with that. Blessed love and guidance. That is all for now. Edit: YOU GUYS CHECK OUT MY ACNE!!!! I really have to do an update on it but the bar of soap is not finished yet so whenever that happens.


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