My First Home Relaxer.

So I relaxed my hair today as I anticipated and it turned out pretty great I didn't really take result shots but I may just do that later. I did however take a lengths check shot and will post it at the end of this post. Well I must say I experienced complete comfort while doing my hair and no burning what so ever. I was able to process my hair completely. I did not straighten my edges as I want them to grow back and relaxing them my cause breaking. My hair is considerably thinner since the whole tangle issue but I intent to nurture them back to thickness throughout this year. I also must say the difference between my last picture and this one is completely different in the first picture my ends look really bad in the updated picture it is obvious my hair is being taken care off. I cut about and inch...? i think off because the ends were stringy and uneven. here is what My hair looks like now. I'm not sure if the before date is correct I cant remember when I took that picture. If it was at the beginning of my journey or the relaxer after I started.` Edit: Yes the picture is dated correctly I check and also I forgot to mention that my goal length for June in Bra Strap Length. I do not know if I will make that because as I said I want to Make sure my hair thickens back up. If I can afford to get there and retain my length I will but I will also continuously clip my ends until the thickness is restored to my hair.


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  1. Now, this is a fantastic job here!!! I saw it on hairlista last night, and I had to click the like button, and I think I clicked the favorite button too! I like your blog too lady, you are on it!!! :-)

  2. Hello. I've just spent some time going through your blog. I'm so happy that I discovered your blog. It's good to know that there are other Antiguans on a Hair Journey and blogging about it :-) Your relaxer results look amazing and the growth speaks for itself. Good stuff!


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