The way I am until Saturday.

So here is how i plan on leaving y hair for the rest of the week. In a braid out. It is extremely ugly and I probably look as if I live on the street but honestly i'm not one to care too much. I also know I joined that no cutting challenge but if I gotta trim this crazy head of hair so be it. Her is my sleek rough yet elegant braid out....FINE PRINT(its is not any of these things)oh well I'm sure everyone can see the clock in the back ground and (considering I go to work for eight and I said I would wake up earlier to take my pics) can safely assume that I was yet again late I rest knowing this is my last post until my relaxer. Also i'm kind of excited I really want to try Bantu Knots again with less roots I really like the curls and I want to try them for a reason other than covering up my did not work anyway so yea. I remind you please pray for my scalp and pray the relaxer does not make me cry. Amen. Post ta ya lata.


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