Bantu Knots?

So after removing my rollers yesterday I realized okay these curls are not going to work I needed a way to keep my roots soft and give them no room to shrink. I did mention bantu knots in my last post but I was not exactly sure if I wanted to do them. Today I got depressed and thought well my hair cannot look worse so I moisturized and sealed and got my bantu knot on. Here is what i look like. To say it is my first try I feel kind of proud of myself for not messing it up too much. I intend not to comb my hair for the rest of the week i'm finally going to relax my hair on Saturday. Changed my mind about the four month stretch i think i'm good I just miss not looking like a bush lady. I am hoping these curls come out okay. After this i'm going to keep the parted areas sectioned off and braid them individually and rock a braid out for the rest of the week. Ya'll pray I do not get burned because I have way too many roots to go through that i'm so scared. Also I just realized I never got back on the edges situation they are coming back If you look at the picture above you may be able to see that my edges do look a little thicker.


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