My Big Mistake!

So on Saturday when i bought a new moisturizer since my old bottle finished and also bought new mousse and kicked my Creme of Nature to the curb what I didnt not mention was I also saw a bottle marked 100% pure coconut oil.....
That was the biggest lie I had ever read I was excited because I had been looking so long for coconut oil and it seems everyone in Antigua and Barbuda has been buying them out from under me. I scooped it up and cashed quickly since my bf was waiting for me and men don't understand the thought process we go through when shopping. I got home and proceeded to wash my hair as you can see in my post from Saturday. After drying my hair much to my disappointment I opened the bottle only to find the oil inside was nothing even close to smelling like coconut! I was the most rancid thing ever and whats worse i found out it smelled that way after putting some in my hair! I immediately went to the shower and rewashed my hair and that pissed me off completely. I the vowed to return it no matter what they would say I would fight to the death because I spent my hard earned money on crap. I went back today and told the store owner whatever that thing was he needed to remove it from the shelf like right away before he starts a mob in his store. He did not want to take it back at first but I made sure he understood that that was false advertising the oil was not clear it was piss yellow and smelled like oil I would throw in my Jeep. Soo I stood there with the most pleasant smile on my face and waited while he thought about it and he eventually told the store girl to let me pick up something else in exchange...(they don't do refunds. Oh joy!-.-) So I went ahead and picked up two items...
I know the picture is far out but it is ORS Jojoba Oil the pure one was too expensive and I was also too skeptical to trust anything that said pure in that store again. I have not used it yet obviously but I did make sure to sniff it in the store and fell in love with the smell that's the main reason i bought it so my hair can smell super great. Even now as i'm typing I'm sniffing it like its crack.....oh god please don't let it be crack :(. Anyway The second Item I chose was...
This Aphogee Style and wrap mousse. Once again not the best picture but the bottle kept toppling over. I sniffed it as well lol the coconut oil thing got me extremely paranoid. Well anyway it smells very citrus like. I'm hoping for great things from these products even if I only have them because of the rancid crap I bought what a bad choice that was huh. Has anyone ever tried any of these products? If so drop me a line let me know what your experience was or is with them.


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