Nexxus Split End Binding Overnight Creme

So I did say i was super excited about this product turns out I had good reason to be Omg and I do mean O.M.G the result the wonderful reults It mended about 90% of my split ends I intend on using it for the rest of the week to see what happens.... Okay So you want to see what happened right well we all remember the photo from my length check.
Well I woke up hella late this morning and forgot all about the fact that I had used this product last night until I was about to unwrap my hair I immediately went rummaging for My camera and took a snap of my hair because as soo as I took the wrap cap off I saw complete smoothness I could Have french kissed my mirror in that single moment.
I then combed it down forgetting how late I was and when I was about to snap a picture of my newly found almost healthy ends my oh so reliable cannon camera killed the batteries -.- The fact that I have a blog was the reason I just put it on the bookshelf without a single word or frustration or feel tempted to throw it somewhere.. anyway so I got me some batteries and came home feeling almost as excited as I did this morning. As you guys can see In the daily protective style edition I was wearing a ponytail so the dent is still in my hair but the ends can be seen quite clearly.
Yay my ends are coming in nicely and my hair is looking healthy thank goodness I will revisit this topic at the end of the week I want to make sure it works before I get so crazy about it.


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