No cookie pictures sorry.

My cookies went faster than i expected and before i knew it i was tired and bagging them out for some of my co-workers. On a happier note I got Some hair products today and extremely excited to try them out I also got some supplements which I will begin to take as soon as I eat. No I did not go to work today but that was because I had responsibilities...sigh. I wish I could Post about and rant on these products and share my expectations buuut I have to go pick up my bf in a bit. I didn't go to work today but I did put up a simple bun as i did in my last protective style update as I would be running errands and I wanted to be sure my hair would be held in place. Okay I will try my best after I am finished cooking later on to show my products and and share my excitement. T.T.F.N GUYS *smooches*


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