Time to wash those tresses!!!!!!

I washed my hair today! It felt good after all A girl can only put off clean for so long. So after I can home from shopping I went to visit my sister. So needless to say before and after pics will not be available I have my hair twisted now though then in the morning I decide what i'm gonna do. Okay so lets get started on my not so long and totally simple process of washing my hair.....
I used these two wonderful products from Aphogee. The shampoo is not like others I have used that tend to leave my hair feel in reaaaaaaly dry and the conditioner oh my I just love it. After shampooing I apply my conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes and then rinse. I find it is better that way gives the product more time to penetrate the hair and give me that lovely moisturized feel XD.
This i bought recently, and I found out very quickly that I must add another product with it. It does not have and ounce of moisture in it and that makes me sad because It smells very nice so any way i used this Aphogee mousse for relaxed hair and coupled it with my creme of nature foaming wrap
I have to admit this product from Creme of Nature does wonders with keeping your hair moisturized but I am looking to replace it I don't know if you can see but I finished the bottle today and I do not plan on buying another. Why? well I like to dry set my hair at times I really love my hair curly and roller sett is a wonderful low manipulation style which i can rock for weeks if I want to. This product WILL after about three days make my hair extremely sticky and just feel totally gross. to the point where I don't want to touch it at all. Even though it helped balance out the mousse. I cannot be bother with it anymore. So anyway I air dried my hair after that then.
I moisturized and sealed my hair which is the reason I have the twists i mentioned earlier in my hair So i moisturize with my ORS olive oil moisturizing lotion and then a seal with this ORS Coconut oil.
I promised a review on this so I'm gonna go ahead and do it right now because I am pretty sure I have seen what this product has to Offer. PROS:So The smell is excellent and it is very light and does not weigh down my hair at all. It is very soft and melts into oil at times. Leave my hair extremely silky after sealing I almost always want to touch my hair after using this product.(Its not virgin coconut oil but I make due for now.) CONS: It does after a while leave a horrid scent like when you go to sleep idk I want to believe its when it mixes with night sweats or maybe it does not work well with other products. I was self conscious by Tuesday and I had last wash my hair last Friday. I was worse than if i went to the gym and worked out for five days straight. ( I'm exaggerating...but so what it was embarrassing) thats it for my not so exciting shampoo day!!! lol I will post tomorrow about the biggest buying mistake I made today. TTFN


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