Here comes trouble...

Okay So My cam batteries are completely dead Idk Why but I swear they died last week or maybe two weeks ago and i'm wondering why they died so quickly I had the last ones for a month I mean seriously. Anyway you guys! BLACK FRIDAY....omg....OMG BLACK FRIDAY I would have run out of business If I had the money I got the cutest tops and casual dresses. I recently had a bit of weight loss and am Slowly and I mean S L O W L Y replacing my wardrobe So far I got tops and stuff coming in, yet I have not bought a single jeans pant... I think I have my priorities backward but I want Levis on a college budget so it is partially my fault. Whatever I will buy one in January or February I guess It Should Not be so bad. Also My Birthday Is In TWO weeks Yes I caps to emphasize everything lol. I can't wait Wonder what my B.F is gonna do smh I need to calm down between black Friday and All the stuff I gotta do For my .....wait crap My license expires this year.... Why did it have to be this year I wanna put weave in :( I mean I never put in weave before....but I also need to be let me think about that later. So Back the the whole message that was supposed to be behind this post. There will be No protective styles this week Well not until I get batteries considering I went Black Friday crazy Maybe I should have gotten a deal on batteries oh well too late for that now. TTFN


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