Protective Style of the Day 11.23.2012

OMG its so late here it 12:16am and I was chatting up a storm on hairlista and forgot that I had to post my protective style lucky i took the pick because I already twisted my hair for my twist out lol Soooo Here it is guys um Im so forgetting what i did with my hair lawd I think it wasss oh i remember I recycled and did a pin up because I tried a kind of side twist and at the last moment after I was finished dress
ing I thought "You know what I don't like this." So i took it down and put them in a clip


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  1. Yesterdays hair style was really nice!!! Great post as usual.....
    much love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  2. Ty Chari I was around old road side today and wish I had a camera. The beach was so pretty and It made me think of your blog Thought you might have liked that pic If i had my camera.


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