Daily protective style 11.9.2012

Okay SO my Hair looks a little messy because we had a slight party at work and with all the hugging, meeting and greeting my bun got ambushed. Well since we all know what a bun is...I hope. The point should come across smoothly.
I know my face looks like i'm crazy mad in the mirror but you know I have my cannon issues lol. Besides that My hair is getting to that point that i need to wash it. Gonna do a deep conditioning. I think i need it I am Just wondering if I should wait until I get My new products in the mail. I've ordered some Nexxus products because I have never heard anything bad about Nexxus. I will do a post with the products I am currently using. then I will slowly incorporate the Nexxus products into my regimen which I will share as soon as I figure out what it is lol.
Also you can see on the back of my neck where the dermatitis has taken hold I am not sure if the regular shampoos can work for this or if i need to go to a dermatologist either way I can't Pay for college and still dermatologist so I guess I will have to save towards that.
Yes and now we are at the end of the daily protective style segment XD!!!!!!!!


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