My Goal Length.

So after a lot of serious thought I have decided my goal length will we WAIST LENGTH hard yes I know but, how many people can actually say they have had waist length hair? I want to be one of them. I will be posting daily pictures of the protective style that I used through out the day...Knowing myself I will have my days were I will be tempted and lose a battle of wearing my hair down. Never the less I will try my best not too. I went to Ayoushe today to look up some coconut oil I found that they have pure coconut oil but i'm going to do some reading up on it before i decide because I have heard it can be a bit harsh. I am currently using Organic Root Stimulator Coconut Oil I have just started using it and will do a review on it later I can say for now that it is very light weight and does not make my hair very heavy Smells very nice as well. That's all I can say for now until I see the long term effects.


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