How to make coconut oil at home.

So having a hard time finding coconut oil? No problem Just get your but to the grocery store or the market and pick up five to ten coconuts and make your own. How I do that you wonder well I'm gonna tell you duh. Alright how many coconuts you want to use is up to you but make it over five. *You chop them as small as you can. * Blend then with your blender of course put a little water in the maybe about a cup make sure you blend it verrry fine *Strain it out so you only have the milk in a bowl get every bit of the liquid out of the shredded pieces. *let the milk sit over night *After about 10-24 hours you will notice the cream and water will separate *Scrape the cream off the top and fry it in a pan on very low heat if you over heat your oil it will become yellow *(Optional) pour off the oil as it separates from the cream ensures you oil will not dry up in the pan you fry the cream until there is no more oil coming from it let your oil cool and there you go the cheapest coconut oil you ever bought. I Will do a video to demonstrate this. Till then You can also boil the coconut milk till all ov it vaporizes and leaves the oil in the pan but to be fair that would be a long process and a waste of time.. ttfn.


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