Wash Day 11.17.2012

So I had my wash day ll planned out until it all went wrong I Ended up not having my Dome dryer so i spent SEVEN HOURS doing my hair and feeling depressed about it. Lets go down the short list of things I did that ended up taking all day.

  •   I Wash my hair with Nexxus Split end binding Shampoo 
  •   Conditioned with Nexxus Split end binding Conditioner left eh conditioner in for a bit as they say I should on the bottle and after all it was made to help bind my splits and protect my hair fro getting further splits after I rinsed it out my hair felt absolutely wonderful and I just wished that they could feel as wonderful dry as they do wet but fact is wet hair will always feel great lol. 
  •   I Put on my deep conditioner I used a sample pack of ORS deep conditioner

I am not sure but I think the package said 5-10 mins with heat but I nearly died when I saw it said 45 mins to 1 hour without heat I was just getting frustrated smh. So I went ahead and did whatever until an hour passed.

  •  I rinsed out the conditioner and O.M.G My hair was so soft and smooth and Everything I've ever wanted I could have kissed the package if I had not already tossed it. 
  • I then proceeded to do my roller set I find that roller setting Makes my hair extremely smooth and very manageable also it ensures smooth ends. I hate having to deal with frizz.

The tops where the hair is on the rollers dried in minutes the bottom took hours to the point where I just said you know what forget it. They were almost dry so I took the rollers out moisturize and seal them they dried before I ever started to moisturize them.

  •  I twisted them and left the twists in for a bit untwisted them and then wrapped them no frizz all the better all in all it was the longest day ever and I hope next wash day will be a lot better. I posted my first video on youtube its gawd awful but I figure I have to start somewhere. http://www.youtube.com/user/Daintyffany?feature=mhee


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  1. I'm so jealous of people like you!!!I have no patience when it comes to my hair...I just wash it, condition, air dry then use a flat iron to straighten it...IT MUST HATE ME!!!
    much love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

  2. lol You know you don't hate me pssshh Nothing wrong with air dry though. Flat iron may not be the best idea.


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