New Beginnings

Recently I have become unsatisfied with my hair growth progress I think if I am spending money on my hair to make it look pretty it should be giving me something back. So I have decided to start a HAIR CARE JOURNEY. I have just come off of a ten week relaxer stretch. Previously I would relax my hair every six weeks and be completely disappointed. Sadly I did not take any pictures of my hair before the relaxer but i must say taking care of my hair everyday for the entire ten weeks paid off completely soft manageable hair with not perfect but good enough ends which of course I will care for more wait for it... and three inches added to my length. Three inches may not sound like much but it is the most I have had in a while. I am super excited and cannot wait to where this journey will take me. I will post a picture of my newly relaxed hair right after this post. Are you on a hair journey? If so I would love some great advice or tips to help me along. Yes I know everyone's hair type is different but I will take all the knowledge I can get.


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